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Computer & Music Services Ltd.

We provide a wide range of music-related services to individuals, groups and companies, focused on education, performing and technical services.

Music Services


Music services offered to clients include teaching, performing and consulting:


  • Private/group tuition
  • Consultation lessons
  • Exam preparation & music courses
  • Accompanying for singers/instrumentalists & groups
  • Performing, composing, arranging, recording
  • Classical, Jazz, Rock, Folk and Pop


 Individual lessons are held at our London premises for students aged from seven upwards. All levels are welcome - from complete beginners to advanced and professional. Small group lessons can be hosted either at our premises, or for larger groups at a venue of your choice. Students also have the option to use Skype or Zoom for lessons.


Small groups of students are welcome to visit our premises for lessons; larger groups can be visited at a location convenient to them. We have extensive experience of tuition on short courses and Summer schools as well as music schools and college (enhanced DBS check details available on request)..


We provide solo piano (with or without keyboard), accompanying for singing and groups both large and small for concerts, parties, functions and background music.


Extensive technical services such as arranging, composing and recording can be provided using a variety of computer software and hardware.


An eclectic range of music styles are covered including classical, jazz, rock, pop and folk.


We provide exam preparation at all levels from initial grades to Diploma, university entrance preparation, teaching practice consultation and masterclasses.
Fees on request..



Music tuition - further details

Music lessons at our North-West London premises are held in a medium-sized room on a Yamaha  upright piano. A variety of percussion instruments are used to enhance the learning experience - snare drum, hi-hat cymbal, cabasa and mini-congas. Full use is made of electronic audio/visual media when required. Students can expect an encouraging, sympathetic and professional approach to lessons. Where appropriate, students are allowed to record either audio and/or video of their tuition to assist with practising (conditions apply). Lesson content will vary according to individual student's requirements, but will usually consist of technical exercises, repertoire, sight-reading, aural training, and music theory.

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